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November 2, 2008

USCIS audit report

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Below are the highlights of USCIS audit report dated Sept 2008. 

USCIS looked at country demographics, but a statistically valid rate of fraud could not be established for multiple countries, as no country had a sufficient number of cases in the sample except for India.

• 46% (114 cases) of the beneficiaries were born in India. Among this sample, 25% (29 cases) were associated with some type of fraud or technical violation(s)13.


Application of the Chi-Square test for statistical significance has led to the preliminary identification of several primary fraud or technical violation(s) indicators identified from the cases in the BFCA sample. They are:

1. Firms with 25 or fewer employees have higher rates of fraud or technical violation(s) than larger-sized companies.

2. Firms with an annual gross income of less than $10 million have higher rates of fraud or technical violation(s) than firms with an annual gross income greater than $10 million.

3. Firms in existence less than 10 years (i.e., 1995 and after) have higher incidences of fraud or technical violation(s) than those in existence for more than 10 years (i.e., before 1995).

4. The results indicate that H-1B petitions filed for accounting, human resources, business analysts, sales and advertising occupations are more likely to contain fraud or technical violation(s) than other occupational categories.

5. Beneficiaries with only bachelor’s degrees had higher fraud or technical violation(s) rates than did those with graduate degrees.

CONCLUSION: Results from this BFCA have established a 21% baseline fraud and technical violation(s) rate for H-1B petitions. Given the significant vulnerability, USCIS is making procedural changes, which will be described in a forthcoming document.


April 12, 2008

Metro rail in hyderabad

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Wow, Indian government agreed to give 30%  as grant for metro rail project in hyderabad. Plan looks ambitious. Metro rail, will really solve lot of traffic issues, if properly executed. Even now MMTS is a big hit for people travelling to downtown (city) from uptown (suburbs) ;).

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