Goood Mornninng Andhra Pradhesh

July 10, 2007

kaun banegi meri patnee

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Check out this blog. Its very funny. Below is a snippet from his   kaun banegi meri patnee item.

 Pavan says

“Tik-tik.. time is running fast.. I cant use my helplines, nor call Computer mahoday.. Bachan saab, please bachao.. Kaun banega iska pati? I cant remember any one-liner, or any hint to flirt. Weather? Yes, the most trite topic. “So, its HOT here, isnt it?” (I thought of adding “is it summer yet or is it just YOU”, but then I didnt want to be kicked out by her parents or her big bro. So I kept quiet.) “Yeah”, she smiled (thinking she could have as well checked Me: Man, what a smile. I could do anything to see her smile stay. I could not stand up as my knees were weak. Her long black hair, her swaying earrings refrained me from talking. If I dont do anything NOW, I might become the President of Antarrashtriya Brahmachari Sangh. So, I stood up.. mustered some courage, and…. switched on the fan. (bummer)”


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