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July 17, 2007

Inside scoop on visa bulletin fiasco

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The whole fiasco is due to the mis-adventures of 2 USCIS employees and so the USCIS claims that the department is completely innocent and fair to everyone.

As per my information, a USCIS employee, Swami KiriKiri Raja is currently on H1B status and has applied for Green Card way back in 2003. As he was frustrated with the delay in processing, he decided to update the dates. On June 11th, after a full day at a local bar, he mustered the courage to come to his office space and execute a database query on the USCIS production database, to make his dates current. However, he executed a wrong query, which updated all the categories to current.The USCIS then promptly reported the dates in their July Bulletin.

After this came out, another USCIS employee, Jose Enrico Gonzales, who is currently an illegal immigrant was worried and extremely concerned as he thought he would be behind all these legal immigrants in the queue to permanent residency. He then hired a group of illegal immigrants and over the next 15 days managed to dig up the building in which USCIS computers are hosted. They then emptied a 12 pack Corona beer into these computers.

Due to these actions, the computers were damaged and all the recent bulletins were lost.
After knowing this, the USCIS recovered their database from their backups.
However, this backup was from 2005, at a time when all the categories were unavailable. That was the best they could do, as their DBA returned to his motherland after 9 years of H1B extensions.

The USCIS on July 2nd promptly published their amendment that was generated from this data.

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