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July 19, 2007

Outsourcing experiences

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Why outsourcing did not work out for this firm.

Also read comments.

GujuDude says

An uncle who’s invested in Indian tech companies also had problems with odd requests. A parking spot and getting paid more than a neighbor were certain demands. The parking spot was generally not used, as the employee came to work on a two wheeler. He needed it to show families when scoping out prospective brides that he has a parking spot for his car (a status thing). As a retort to the demand to be paid more than his neighbor, my uncle told the guy in the interview that he was lucky Bill Gates wasn’t next door, else his company couldn’t afford to pay him a few rupees more. The dude didn’t really get the joke – he was dead serious about being paid more and his skills were in demand. Supply, demand, supply, demand, supply…”

Srinivas says

Reading the comments, I get a feeling that most people see outsourcing as one process with single business model. Labor arbitrage (if we consider that to be the biggest factor contributing to outsourcing) can be used in multiple ways to the organizations’ advantage.For instance, Start-ups starting their own set ups in India does not make sense from any perspective. Difficult to recruit, no brand name, no job security etc etc. Why should a graduate, good quality or otherwise, choose an option where he/she sees a lot of negative. Esp. when they have alternatives? Ideally, Start-ups thinking about outsourcing should tie-up with the larger firms, Infy/TCS/WIPRO/CTS/Satyam or others. That gives them the advantage of outsourcing, while getting assured quality from these firms. It is important to realize that the opportunity of outsourcing is huge across the globe. However, like any other business, there are multiple issues to tackle before succeeding. Setting up office in India (or China or Lat-Am or Eastern Europe) is the easiest of steps.”


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