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July 26, 2007

Shankar Dada Zindabad

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It’s being a while since a chiru movie was released. This weekend his latest movie Shankar Dada Zindabad is releasing. I enjoyed the hindi original lage raho munna bhai. Don’t know how this telugu version will be. Songs by Devi Sri Prasad are catchy. “Akaleste annam pedatha” song is one I like the most . I will be travelling this weekend so won’t be able to watch this movie. Please leave comments about the movie after you have watched it. Below is what I thought about STA STAA.. STALIN 😉

 After a day long celebrations of my birthday, we all (about 7 of us ) went to the theater in edison 10 mins before the start of the movie. About 3/4th of the theater was full. From the start, theater sound operator was bent upon blowing our ear drums by the end of the movie. Damn! the sound was harsh and loud. Then starts the movie.

 Chiru enters the scene with his biGG shoes with lots of treads in them. The muddy water sloshes from the bottom of his shoes. We should have guessed from the amount of water splashed by the shoes that chiru needs some dieting for his bloated body (Mind you he looks very young at 50).. Then comes the fight were everything starts flying just because chiru touches them. I was all in smiles.

 Then comes the song PARARE PARARE maaan the whole theater was kevvu . We all yelled/screamed/shouted with whatever strength we had. We couldn’t do the whistle thing but we compensated it with our yells. People geniunely felt for chiru when he jumped out of the moving car which was doing 80-100kmph. They were amazed seeing the stunt and couldn’t stop laughing so they clapped ;). I was amazed to see Ravali fans in the auidence making halla when she occupied (filled should be the correct word actually) the whole screen with her ammoru makeup/face. I think the director should have had some challenges fitting/filling three big bodies(Chiru, Ravali, Khusbo) into one frame. Hai la Anuksha, she looked gorgeous.

 I couldn’t understand a single english dialogue which chiru spoke to his army commander in his flash back. When chiru meets that army commander again at the end of the movie I had my ears wide open so that if ever chiru again speaks in english I will be able to understand those english words. Trisha’s was a filler character in the movie they should have entirely removed it and chiru should have danced all the songs all by himself.

 The scene were the physically challenged kids help out themselves is very touching. Sunil’s action at the end is commendable.I think lots of people put there own angle to the scenes and somewhere the director lost the whole movie.Same thing happened with Jai Chiranjeevi.

Chiru should start making music albums or some differnet movies which are not hero oreinted. On the whole this movie sucks big time but I nzoyed the movie experience having had lot of beers.

I just laughed throughout the movie.No regrets at all. My slogan, don’t say thanks just MAKE three other bakras to watch this movie so that your mission is accomplished. Also, Chiru should take a hard look at what kind of films he is doing. He should be mindfull of all the sensation his movie creates and the every crappy/disgusting movie he makes it will have a reverse affect on whatever image he has. And future chiru movie director’s please dont even try to project him as the next great politician. Just leave chiru alone let him do whatever social work he is doing and dont mess it up with your dialogues/movie stories.

 So PARARE PARARE pa pa parare bande ekki janale parare movie theater nundi after they watched the movie. Peace for people, peace for the bakras who watch this movie. Drink some liquor and nzoy the movie.



  1. anna, eeroje lechinave..leka malla stalin bagundi..chiru bhai ni emanak..nee naral teesi tana
    bootu lace laga katukuntad..kabaradar..

    Comment by GS — July 26, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  2. heheh eppudo rasina ne kani acchu yeyyaniki idhi lekundane appudu. ganduke ippudu eshina

    Comment by gaali — July 26, 2007 @ 2:22 pm

  3. this sucks!!! you are writing abt stalin…and heading is about shankar dada zindabad…two different times, situations, story, plot, songs….

    Comment by me — July 26, 2007 @ 3:30 pm

  4. heehheee…… I was also a bakara who was very excited about going to Stalin on its first day of release who finally ended each of us laughing at ourselves at most of the scenes ….

    As we all know Stalin was a remake of “Pay it Forward” (one of my most favourite movies) and I’m happy about megastar passing the message intended ( before I saw the movie) … but the whole message is lost in the hype of its direction … I blame its the fault of the director whose not able to get out the idea well into the audience …..

    Waiting to see how Prabhu Deva ( remembers me of NVNV which is directed pretty well ) is going to handle this time with ShankarDada …. I like the songs of devi sri and again excited about the movie release ( even after two disasters like Jai Chiranjeeva and Stalin I faced in the theaters ) …

    Hence the Saga continues ……

    Comment by Lavy ...... — July 27, 2007 @ 9:29 am

  5. you must understand one thing, every film cant be a hit and chiru’s journey is a long one and once in a while flops are certain.

    its funny if some one is blaming chiru on one flop… just look behind and think once what rubbish you are talking and think once again whats your stand to give foolish judgements about a great men.

    pls behave like an educated person.

    Comment by chandu — July 21, 2008 @ 12:23 am

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