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August 27, 2007

Search engine, Guruji, localized search made easy

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Take a look at localized search engine, Pick any localized page for ex: telugu then start typing (cut and paste won’t work, I think this is by design ) in english for ex: jemini and click on the search button. When you start typing the english text its transliterated to localized language.See the search results, it shows blogs with telugu text “jemini” in them. 

Yudit was a great tool to do transliteration into local languages. This search engine combines Yudit  features into a search engine, Nice!.

Websites like are already using this search engine. Atleast its on their website but couldn’t get any results with sample searches I did. I will keep trying.

Searches that I did on


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  1. […] local language search working now Filed under: — gaali @ 11:20 am Initially I was having issues searching words like manasu, jemini using Check out my pre…. But now these searches are working. Excellent, I can see the search results with my search […]

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