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October 10, 2007

Beggars sitting in a golden chair

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Below is an excellent article by kalyan, NJ. This was posted in

Dear Editor,
 Thank you for giving an opportunity to express our opinion. Just as
we express our view online, I wish one day, we can also vote out this corrupt
politicians online. My blood boils when I read all this. Both YSR and CBN are
corrupt in their own ways. Both are responsible for the poverty of the people
inspite of Hyderabad being a global player and a developed city. Let us see
each other’s case.  YSR: As per YSR’s statement, if he is born rich, did he
declare all that when he filed his nomination? The answer is, he didn’t. Why?
Because he did not have 26,000 crores then. He looted in the name of Jalayagnam
and through many land scams. I do not want to go into every detail of the scam
as we keep on discussing this every day. But who is listening? Can anyone
change the fate? By the time the people change the fate of the state, the so
called leaders might have looted enormous wealth by which they can lead the
rest of their lives (infact generations) in full comfort. So how does this
impact them? They go un-scathed. YSR very well knows, he may or may not come
into power. That is why he is accumulating wealth. We have been recently
watching in the television and news channels that people have been tortured and
dragged on roads by tying to the bike, tying to a tree, bleed to death, that
too for very small robberies. Going by that scale, how do we drag and punish
these politicians who accumulate 26,000 crores? Even dragging and beating to
death is not enough to punish YSR. It should be something more severe than
that. It should be done because, the crimes he is committing are robbing money,
occupying lands, selling government lands (evadabba sommu?), allowing his
people to do all this, opening fake companies, diverting natural resources to
his own people and gosh..the list goes on. Now, how do we punish him? What
punishment he deserves? In Singapore, a small robery is punished with multiple
cannings on the back-side. In China, they will behead the corrput people. What
do we do in India? We give him more power to continue this looting for ever.
Because, he gives Rs.10 worth of gudambaa packet. Where is our country going?
What happenned to the society? Where is the awareness? One way, even YSR is not
to be blamed. The people of AP are to be blamed. How did he come into power
without the voting of people. So, instead of cursing him, the people are to be
blamed. And we are facing the punishment as well by allowing him to ride over
us. Its time now to punish YSR. He is a land grabber by birth and a factionist.
What more do we expect?  Kanakapu simhasanamuna Sunakamu koorchunda betti
subhalagnamunan Ghanamuga pattamu kattina Venukati gunamela maanu vinaraa
sumatee He is mad over everyone who points out his mistakes and corruption
including the media. And a mad dog should not be wandering unleashed free in
the society, but should be caught and thrown behind the bars.

 Let us now see the case of CBN: Everyone praised him when he transformed AP.
He accumulated enormous wealth in the name of this development. Though, I
appreciate this development which was not seen for 50 years under congress
rule, corruption has to be punished. How did a person who studied on social
welfare scholarship accumulate so much of wealth? The answer is straight
forward. The same punishment discussed in YSR’s case also applies to CBN and I
do not want to repeat all over again. Looks like the people of AP have to
choose between a devil and a deep sea. One loots 50,000 crores and the other
2,000 crores. Only the magnitude of crime is different. What does a common man
have to choose when he is forced to make a choice for his death. (a) Burn to
death or (b) Fall by gravity. The same as happenned for the victims of 9/11 in
WTC, NY.  The society is so imbalanced. On one side, we have people like these
who have thousands of crores. On the other side, people are dying of hunger. A
state or country can be called a developed state, when the standard of living
of a common man is uplifted. Everyone should have primary education. Everyone
should have basic food and shelter. These two are enough to develop some
awareness in the minds to vote a right government. A proper government
implements a proper system and the state as a whole will develop as a single
unit without any imbalance.  Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand are the best
examples. When small islands can transform into develop states, why can’t we?
We have everything. It is just a political will. The politicians want the
people to be uneducated, under-developed so that they can be voted to power by
one gudambaa packet.  Today, India is the only society in the entire world,
where people LOVE to be backward, because they get lots of benefits in the name
of reservations. In our country, people prefer to be backward, fight for the
right to be backward to gain the reservations. One generation is enough to
transform the standard of living. Why do we need to have reservations for
generations together for over 60 years? Ultimately, today, we are beggars
sitting in a golden chair. We have natural resources, human brain power,
intelligence, excellent culture, very strong civilization and a very strong
booming economy (18,500 points SENSEX).  We are a nuclear and an economic
power. Indians are the most happiest people in the world as per some recent
surveys. Only thing we need, is to transform our system. Systemlessness is the
system in India today. This must change.  Politicians must change. For this, we
should vote the right people. As long as such politicians rule the nation, and
dynasty politics continue, we are fighting a loosing cause. We cannot do
anything except screaming on these discussion forums.

New Jersey


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