Goood Mornninng Andhra Pradhesh

Mera Bharat Jawan

Wow! India completed 60 years of independence.

I will be updating this page with articles about india’s 60 years of independence.

“The one event that was to change all this was the appointment, at Rajiv Gandhi’s suggestion, of T.N. Seshan as Chief Election Commissioner in December 1990. While the CECs before him had functioned as passive vote counters, Mr. Seshan was determined to cleanse the electoral system of all its evils, and in the process did not hesitate to take on both the political establishment and the administration.

Article 124 provides that judges of the Supreme Court “shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal after consultation with such of the Judges of the Supreme Court and of the High Courts in the States as the President may deem necessary for the purpose.” In a series of three cases, the Supreme Court ruled firmly that the opinion of the Chief Justice was binding on the President. The Chief Justice himself would be part of a collegium of five (for appointments of Supreme Court judges) or three (for judges in High Courts) of the seniormost judges of the Supreme Court and he would have to go by its views. It was emphatic that “no appointment can be made by the President under these provisions to the Supreme Court and the High Courts, unless it is in conformity with the final opinion of the Chief Justice of India, formed in the manner indicated.”


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